How it works

Understanding Proprietary Trading

Proprietary Trading, or commonly known as Prop Trading occurs when a bank or firm trades stocks, derivatives, bonds, commodities, or other financial instruments in its own account, using its own money instead of using clients' money.

With the advent of working at a distance, a new modality was born and prop firms started to look for promising traders online through testing, called evaluations. Through practice and skill, traders all around the globe passed assessments and became funded much faster than ever before. Giving everyone the opportunity to make it big, through trading from comfort at home.

Congratulations on taking the first step towards becoming a funded trader with Proppers. Let's navigate the stages that define your path to success.

Stage 1:
"The Evaluation"

At Proppers, we believe in a 1-Step challenge because we value your effort and time. "The Evaluation" is not just a test; it's an opportunity to showcase your skills. This assessment, unique to Proppers, comprises trading rules that only disciplined traders can master. Successfully passing "The Evaluation" transforms you into a Signal Provider, marking the beginning of your rewarding journey.

Why Proppers
Stands Out

Efficiency: Our 1-Step challenge streamlines the evaluation process, respecting your commitment  and time.
Learning Opportunity: For beginners, the evaluation is a valuable learning experience in discipline and risk management.

Stage 2:
Signal Provider

Trade on a demo account, and Proppers will replicate your trades to a live account. This ensures transparency, allowing Proppers to pay out your profit share. Rest assured, our trading rules are straightforward, with no hidden clauses. Refer to our trading rules pages for clear guidelines.

Stage 3:
Hired Trader

Upon reaching a 500K account size, you elevate to the status of a Hired Trader under local legal conditions. Experience a higher profit share percentage and an enhanced professional status. Your track record and "hired" status pave the way for further opportunities, whether pursuing additional employment or trading for your clients.