Affiliate Program

Welcome to the Proppers Affiliate Program

Unlock a world of opportunities by joining our exclusive affiliate community at Proppers. As a valued affiliate, you have the power to turn every referral into a rewarding experience, both for you and the traders you bring to Proppers.

15% comission
18% after referring 100 clients

How it Works?

For every trader you refer to Proppers, we express our gratitude with a monetary thank-you reward. This reward is not just a one-time gesture; it's a lifetime acknowledgment of your contribution to our growing community. Simply sign up for our affiliate program to receive your unique referral link, and you're on your way to earning with every purchase your referrals make on Proppers.

Why Choose Proppers?

Lifetime Earnings: Unlike other programs, our affiliates enjoy lifetime earnings on every transaction made by their referred traders.
User-Friendly Platform: Our intuitive technology ensures a seamless experience for both affiliates and their referred traders.
Marketing Support: Access free, professionally designed artwork to effectively promote Proppers. We provide the tools; you reap the rewards.
Monthly Reports and Payouts: Stay informed with detailed monthly reports, and enjoy timely payouts for your hard work.
Free Promotional Content: Elevate your marketing game with a plethora of promotional content at your disposal.

Getting Started

1. Sign Up: Joining our affiliate program is quick and easy. Just sign up, and you'll receive your personalized referral link.

2. Promote Proppers: Leverage our free promotional content and downloadable artwork to effectively market Proppers to your network.

3. Earn for a Lifetime: Watch your earnings grow with every transaction your referred traders make on Proppers.